Frequently Asked Questions


Do you offer a preorder service?

Sorry but all of the items are offered on an on-hand basis, only. We will offer a prepay service from time to time for select products. 

Can I pay for an item in advance to secure reservation?

Unfortunately, no, because we cannot assure that the same product you're looking for (no matter how long it takes) would be restocked.

I placed an item on my cart. Does it mean it's already reserved?

Please take note that only items that have been checked out completely (meaning, a customer has gone through all the steps up to clicking the order button) will lead to a reservation.

It says on the newsletter/facebook post that this item was restocked. When will I see it on the website?

The website is updated in real-time, newsletter and facebook posts are static so they reflect availability just for the second it is posted. At any given time, customers may place an order for an item and that stock gets deducted from our overall inventory.

How can I avail of the free shipping promo?

Your minimum order should be worth PhP1500, shipping costs not included. Our usual free shipping quota is 3000, so take advantage of this promo while it lasts.  The free shipping promo is only valid for the Unlipak Large 9" x 14" Xend packages. If it does not fit, the shipping cost for Unlipak XL 12" x 18" is 80 for Metro Manila, and 150 for Provincial. If this is the case, the customer has to pay an extra 20 (Metro Manila), or 50 (provincial). The free shipping promo does not apply to packages sent via LBC. It will not apply to parcels purchased via as well. 

Wil you ever/When will you/Is there a chance you'll restock this item?

Unlike other shops that regularly restock a specific set of items, our weekly arrivals depend on what our suppliers want to send, which explains the low price. Most of the time, we don't know what particular items are in them. And when we do, we don't know about the quantity, shades, and day of arrival. You'll know new items and restocks the weekend after I receive a new box through the newsletter Hope this explains why we do not provide information on new arrivals. Please take note that because there is a sizable assortment of products offered, if would be a hard feat to restock them all regularly (at the same price at that), if they'll be restocked at all. Some take a few months to restock, others get restocked weekly, and the rest are just one-time deals. Please subscribe if you haven't! You may subscribe here: . This same link can be found on the website's footer.

Where can I find proof of shipping or reviews on the shop?

We have not prepared a compilation of reviews but use the keyword "bonmarchepage" on google and a few reviews (hope most are good) should pop up.

Do you offer sponsorships?

We are a very small business with an even tinier markup--we cannot afford sponsorships.

Do you have a physical store?

RIght now we are purely online, and we have not participated in any concept store...However, we're planning to set up an office so watch out for announcements in the coming months :)

How about meetups?

Via Xend or LBC delivery only. We don't offer a meetup or pickup service.

Do you offer a COD option? Do you have other couriers?

While we are aware that there are other couriers that offer this option, we are unable to offer this service because the people behind our team all have day jobs. That means we leave for work early and go home late, and the only time we get to cater to the shop's needs is at night. That said, we cannot offer more couriers than the ones already offered on the website.

Can you help me find my shade?

In as much as we want to be experts when it comes to makeup, we are not. We can find excellent deals from US drugstores, but we can't match shades. This can be subjective and we are not beauty gurus. It's best to either check shades online and refer to youtube videos, beauty blogs, and swatches, or go to your nearest drugstore counter if the brand has stores locally. Try customer has recommended it.

Are your products authentic?

Absolutely. These products have batch codes and bar codes that you can compare with international blogs. If you've been using these brands for a while now I think you'll be able to spot whether an item is authentic or not. Our suppliers buy the products straight from US drugstores and not from dubious sources.

But but but some listings say they are "Made in PRC"? How come?

We buy our products from US drugstores, namely ULTA, CVS, RITEAID, KOHL'S, TARGET. Some brands have materials that are said to be "Made in PRC or Made in China", while some brands like Nyx have products that are "Made in PRC". Cheaper brands like Wet n Wild have items with materials sourced from China. Customers can always crosscheck these description with, walmart, cvs, target, or wherever these products are sold. Customers can also cross-check with blogs, or even confirm this information with the brand's website. In as much as we hope that all US cosmetics brands manufacture their materials in the US, all we can do is give our customers the assurance that these are all authentic, and were sourced from reputable US drugstores.