How to Order Guide

Step 1. Read the terms. It can be found on the website's footer. 
Step 2. Clicking an item leads you to the product listing and description. If the item has multiple types or shades, you must choose from the boxed menu to see what's available. Quantities are visible as well. Enter quantity desired but make sure it matches available stock on hand. Once you're ready, click on Add to cart. 
Step 3. You will be directed to the Checkout process. You may either continue shopping to add items in your cart or proceed with checkout. Note that placing items in your cart does not mean that the items are already reserved for you. 
Step 4.  Time to enter necessary details. Choose the right payment and shipping options. After reviewing, click "CHECKOUT"
Step 5.  Time to check your email. You'll be sent an automated reply containing confirmation and instructions.
Step 6. 
Within 24 hours, we'll send you another email containing your instructions and payment details. Don't forget to pay your SPAM folder a visit, as it may end up there!
Step 7. 
Once paid, we'll send you your payment confirmation and tracking information. Again, it may end up on your spam folder.