Reseller's Info

Can I be your reseller?

Our customers may resell the items sold in the website without asking for our permission. It's up to you but it's best if you let us know.

Can I grab the photos on the website?

Our photos have watermarks. It's best to get stock photos from their official websites. However, most of the photos are stock photos from different drugstores' sites.

Is there a limit to the markup?

Customers may place any markup they deem suitable to make a sizable profit.

Do you offer dropshipping services?

We'll ship to whatever is placed on the shipping destination. However, we cannot change the name of the sender. When you track it online via, the name "kshop" will appear as the sender and it's something we cannot change. 

What if my customer cancels?

It's understood that the transaction is between you as the customer and the website, not between the website and your customer. This means that you will be responsible for the orders you placed. If your customer cancels, and you therefore decide to cancel your order, we will deem it your cancellation since you were the one who placed an order on the website. Please read our terms and conditions before placing an order.

How can I be assured of the authenticity and freshness of the product?

We can give you the bar and batch codes for reference, which you can crosscheck online. Take note that we will not be responsible for manufacturer defects or bad reviews on the product. Like you, we only resell these items--except that we buy them directly from reputable US drugstores. 

What's the best discount for resellers?

All our regular customers are entitled to free shipping via Xend for a certain worth of purchase in a single transaction (Please see announcements for the current amount). Free shipping is not applicable for orders with LBC as the courier.

Codes (Updated as of September 10, 2017):


Get 5% off if your purchase is worth 3k. That's at least 150 pesos worth of savings.


Get 8% off for purchases worth at least 5k without shipping. 


Get 10% off from purchases worth 10k and up without shipping fee

*Free shipping via Xend for orders worth 1500 and up after the discount code

*Free shipping via LBC for orders worth 10000 and up after the discount code


There are products which state "Discount Codes Not Applicable" on the description.

Please read the descriptions before adding items to your cart. 

Other terms and return policies apply. Please read those pages for your reference.