Terms and Conditions


Replies to inquiries will be sent Monday-Friday, anytime between 8 PM-11 PM, or at least within 24 hours from the time you have sent your inquiry.

On the Shipping Schedule 

  • We have no rush, same day, and weekend shipping schedules, but we provide tracking details on schedule. 
  • Orders will be shipped once fully paid. Nightly cut-off for payment updates is 9 PM.
  • Once payment is verified, we will schedule a Xend pickup the next weekday. 1-3 days shipping schedule starts AFTER it gets picked up by Xend. 
  • For LBC parcels: We will pass your parcel to LBC a weekday after we receive your payment, provided the proof is sent before 9 PM. 

On the Shipping Fee
  • XEND METRO MANILA - 70 (Unlipak Large 9" x 14"), 80 (Unlipak Large 9" x 14") , 1-3 BUSINESS DAYS after Pick-Up 
  • XEND OUTSIDE METRO MANILA - 110, (Unlipak Large 9" x 14"), 180 (Unlipak Large 9" x 14") 2-7 BUSINESS DAYS after Pick-Up
  • XEND partners with AP Cargo, Abest, and 2Go in the provinces---don't know how they choose which courier to partner with). 
  • For LBC pickups, please choose LBC as your courier. 
  • Xend's insurance only covers up to 2000 PhP of the declared value. If you wish to insure any amount in excess, please let us know.
  • LBC (150-190 pesos). Delivery in 1-3 days. FREE SHIPPING NOT APPLICABLE FOR LBC PACKAGES. Declared value for LBC packages is free for the first 500 pesos, and 5 pesos for every excess 500. We will only insure 500 unless directed otherwise. 
On Placing an Order 
  • Please place an order only if you are sure that payment can be made within three days. 
  • Please submit all inquiries before placing an order.
  • Payment details will only be sent if there are no records of neglected orders and if details are complete. 
  • Transactions will be via email only. 
On Tracking your Parcels 
  • Tracking number will be updated on your email thread (not through text) the night before your items were sent. If you chose LBC as the courier, we will be able to give the tracking number the next night. 
  • Track your package around 24 hours after we have sent it, chances are details are not yet updated in the site. We can help you follow-up if the delivery time exceeds shipping schedule estimates. 
On Refunds
  • Any excess payment will also be converted into store credit, to be deducted from the next purchase's total. 
  • If we fail to send an item, we will ship it within the week of notice. 
  • We'll refund the item as store credit or provide a bank refund if: 
  1. the product is a dud/does not work
  2. sent the wrong item or quantity
  3. sent an item in a condition not as described (ie., unsealed instead of sealed). 
  • The courier's insurance is only for lost items. Fragile items will be shipped with bubble wraps or cardboards/carton that provide ample protection. 
  • Lip products may arrive with signs of melting/expansion due to exposure to heat while in transit. Trust that these have been checked prior to listing. We'll do our best by wrapping them well.
  • We will not be liable for damages incurred while in transit, especially for glass bottles and powders. For shorter transit times, please choose LBC as your courier. 
  •  Mascaras and liners may be reported to be dry even if they're brand new, carded, and sealed. Some products may really have this quality. Like buying in a drugstore you can't know the product's quality unless you open and actually try. You'll get this in the same condition we bought them. Please read reviews before purchasing, but in case of a dud, send us an email and let's see what we can do.
  • Please send all notifications within 1 week from receipt of parcel.